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Publication date: 29 November, 2006

Me? A volunteer?

A great experience….Great satisfaction….Fun….Frustrating….Being a volunteer implicates all of that and, without a doubt, much more. But….How can one become a volunteer?

All that is required is a little dose of humanity and a little common appreciation for life.

How do I know if I have something to offer? Who are we for daring to say, “I am going to do something. I am going to change this. I am going to do something to make a difference”?

The answer is simple: We are human beings with thoughts and feelings. That may not appear to be important, but it is. Accustomed to the comfort of our homes, seeing misery and suffering from afar, we have lost our feeling of responsibility and with that the confidence in ourselves to make a difference.

You will not be paid with money, and you won’t stay in a five star hotel. But, the smile of a young person, which is what you would be creating, is worth much more than anything money could buy. Here you can find your true passion; with an opportunity to work for respect and justice, you can begin a crusade towards a better world.

How can you be a volunteer for Alianza Por Tus Derechos?

Volunteer FOR the children and adolescents:

For these volunteers, support is needed in the following services: computers, accounting, education, law, psychology, sociology, fundraising, translating, etc. In order to volunteer in any of these capacities, we require the following:

1. You should have working knowledge of the Spanish language.
2. You should specify what qualifications you have to offer to support our program. This way we will be able to see if your interests and skills match the areas where we are in need of help.
3. The willingness to give your time to volunteer, which will be subject to the specific projects and tasks that develop.
4. Commitment to the principles of Alianza Por Tus Derechos.

Volunteer From Afar:

As this type of volunteer, you can be in direct communication with the organization in Costa Rica. Currently, we are soliciting help for translations in English, Spanish, and French.

Periodically, we need to circulate information in at least 2 languages (English and Spanish) through our distribution list and on our website.

What are the general requisites that we ask of those who are interested?

1. A copy of your resume.
2. Two letters of recommendation.
3. A personal statement explaining your motivation, and what you believe you can offer to the children.

You can send your personal information to the following addresses:

mailing address: 1685-2050, San Pedro, San Jose, Costa Rica

Last modification date: Nov. 29, 2006, 7:10 p.m.
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