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Psychological Support

Publication date: 29 November, 2006

The area of psychological support was created to give undivided attention to the children and adolescents who need it.

The service is completely free for those people who cannot afford it, and for those who do have the resources, the cost is symbolic. The facilitators are young professionals who are sensitive to the issues.

Children and adolescents receive counseling in our building. Here at Alianza we have designated a space to put young minds at ease, where they can feel the freedom to express their conflicts. It is also an area wherein it is possible to apply various modern psychotherapeutic techniques.

The approach that is carried out is of two types, the selection of which is done by a professional Psychologist based on a preliminary interview:

a. Individual Therapy: The Psychologist works only with the minor.
b. Family Therapy: After a few sessions in which we have worked individually with the minor, we also work with the family.

This service is offered with the objective to restore mental health to children and adolescents who have in their short life felt betrayed, their sexuality has been violated, and many of their dreams destroyed.

If you know someone who needs assistance, contact us. We are in the best position to help.

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