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Legal Aid

Publication date: 29 November, 2006

Defense of Human Rights for all people is fundamental to our organization; we are prepared to assist any citizen with issues such as: Sexual Abuse, Aggression, Abandonment, Commercial Sexual Exploitation, Child Pornography, Child Labor,
Trafficking of People, etc.

We offer free legal assistance for consultation, pursuit, and coordination in any case of Human Rights violation against minors. Meanwhile, we have coordinated with other state and non-governmental organizations to provide shelter and rehabilitation for the victims.

We try to return children and adolescent victims to a familiar place that serves their own best interests. We also reintegrate them into the education system and into society, wherein participation is a fundamental right.

In the Legal Aid Program, we want to listen to your doubts and opinions; we want to give you the certainty that your case will be attended to in all seriousness, with respect, and above all, with all of the confidentiality that you need.

You are very important to us, and we want to assure you that each and every one of our actions are taken with dignity and respect and are directed to the worthy cause of Human Rights.

Our services are free for all of those who cannot afford them, and there is a symbolic cost for those who have the resources.

In order to do our job in the most effective manner, and to give you the attention that you deserve, we collaborate with a group of professional volunteers in different areas such as Law and Psychology.

At Alianza Por Tus Derechos you will always find people who are prepared to help you.

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