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Children and Adolescents

Publication date: 29 November, 2006

All of our programs and services are focused towards the principles of human rights of girls, boys, and adolescents. The programs are immersed in those principles from their planning to their implementation, with the hope that all children can fully enjoy their human rights, and with an objective to create societies that respect those rights.

We focus our work upon the following principles:
• The indivisibility of human rights
• The universality of human rights
• The fact that all children and adolescents are entitled to basic human rights
• The best-interest of the children
• The right to survival and growth
• The right to not be discriminated against
• The right to not be exploited in any manner
• The identification of the guarantors to fulfillment of children’s rights
• Participation

By applying these principles, we create an environment for minors where they can promulgate their own growth and development.

For this we facilitated:

1. The possibility for children and adolescents to receive information to increase their awareness and their perception about the world where they live.
2. A space where they can think and express themselves around those issues that are relevant to them.
3. The power to share their opinions and to generate consensus, to interact, to construct a collective opinion, and to exert leadership.
4. A space to organize and to face issues that are of interest to them.

Participation is a process of formation and of information that allows young people to be proactive in their walk of life. Furthermore, it foments the development of their capacity to generate positive results in their own lives.

While we believe that minor participation is a fundamental right, we are also aware that its effectiveness depends on the quality of support. That’s why we commit ourselves to the design of mechanisms that promote diversification of experiences which offer children and adolescents an environment where they can form their own opinions and judgments in a responsible and critical manner and, more importantly, where they are compelled to act.

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